The Mission is simple…

To welcome homeless neighbors in our community by cultivating a loving, safe, judgement-free environment where they are treated as our honored guests and served the very best we have to give.

Holding a young woman's hand as she is experiencing the pains of labor, looking through a glass wall into the eyes of a man serving a brief jail sentence, driving a 45 year-old woman away from the streets of San Diego to a recovery program as she leaves homelessness & crystal methamphetamine behind. We See You San Diego, has the honor of walking with people through their most joyous & difficult times . . . but it all starts with a home-cooked meal and a smile.

At our weekly gathering where we serve a home-cooked, sit down dinner to 150-200 individuals, families, & veterans in our city's homeless community, relationships are formed, trust is built, and then often, stories are shared.

For many, we are the group of people who remained open during the world-wide pandemic providing the only hot meal they received each week. For others, we are the place they come to experience peace & safety for 2 hours a week. We are a listening ear, a hug, a hand extended, offering options to those ready to transition out of homelessness, addiction, and life on the streets.  We are a place to get nourished . . . physically, emotionally, or spiritually.